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Healing Stones Quartz Crystals For Beginners

Healing Tips: Crystals For Beginners Tourmaline offers a strong protective field that deflects harmful energies (spirits) and spells, deflects radiation, uplift spirit. Tourmaline stone increases your  physical vitality, emotional stability and intelligence.  Clear quartz silicon dioxide features lovely energy amplifier, clears and activates the chakras, enhances and protects the aura. Quartz works on maintaining balance, energy and protection. Clears the choices which distract you! Clears and balances all chakras. Turquoise combines together the energy of father sky and Mother Earth. A master healer, it tones and strengthens the entire body, while aligning energy levels with energy centres. Brings communication skills to emotional issues, creativity and intuition. Encourages creative expression and peace of mind.  Topaz Clears verbal communication and combine your...

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